Thursday, March 31, 2011

Haters ... to the left !!!

I dont really know why I came up with this,
but I think thats something everyone knows ...
there are always haters ...

if they hate you, a friend or someone they dont even know ...
it wont stop ...
the weirdest haters are the one that hate a celebrity ...
Cause they dont know them, they never will
and those haters are beyond ridiculous !!!!! 

Actually everyone of those *** jackass's are ridiculous!

Thats a matter that bother me ...

I know it is something that happens all over the world, 
it always has and it probably always will ...
"Haters are gonna Hate" 
they will never stop ...

I just dont understand them ...
why do they hate on people,
just because they have something they dont?!

I know a lot people who have to deal with haters,
I had too,
because of the silliest reasons ...
The one they hate is prettier, 
more talented, more successful or have more money ...
or even more friends ...

jeeezzz ...
I cant understand them ...
Okay, sometimes everyone is jealous ...
but when I am,
I try to think about what I have,
and that there are a lot of people, 
who dont even have a tiniest bit,
of what I have ...

But Jealousy ist not Hate ...

'kay ... I just dont know what to say anymore ...

but here is a song by Hilary Duff,
which is actually about this matter ;)


Don't spit on me and shame yourself
Because you wish you were someone else
You look so clean but you spread your dirt
As if you think that words don't hurt
You build up walls no one can climb
The things you do should be a crime
You're the queen of superficiality
Keep your lies out of my reality
And when you're nice it's just a pose
You're one of those

Traitors to the human race
What a drag, what a waste
I'd like to see them disappear
They don't belong anywhere
Haters Haters

Spinning a web that's hard to see
Of envy, greed, and jealousy
Feelin' angry but you don't know why
Why don't you look me in the eye?
You want my friends, you want my clothes
You're one of those


Haters Haters

Different life forms, different species
Broken promises and treaties
Talkin' 'bout exterminating
Not the haters, Just the hating

You say your boyfriend's sweet and kind
But you still got your eyes on mine
Your best friends got her eyes on yours
It all goes on behind closed doors
And when you're nice it's just a pose
You're one of those


Later for the alibies
Any shape, any size 
I'd like to see them disappear
They don't belong anywhere

Haters Traitors Haters
Haters Haters Haters

here are 3 quotes about Haters,
and they are true ...

Haters = [H]aving [A]nger [T]owards [E]veryone [R]eaching [S]uccess 

"Keep making your haters mad & ignore them!! It gets under their skin when you do not reply to their comments!!"

"Be thankful for having haters. They are your biggest fans and they take time out of their lives to watch your wrong moves."

all I can say is ...
fuck of haters!!!
There will always be haters ...



  1. hat dich jemand auf deinem blog doof angemacht oder wie kommste jetzt auf das thema O.o?

  2. nee mich hat keiner doof angemacht ...
    weiß auch nicht genau wie ich darauf kam ...
    glaub es liegt daran,
    dass man immer iwie mit welchen konfrontiert wird ...
    ob es nun persönäich ist oder bei freunden ...