Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday filler

I've decided that I will take a survey every monday xD
'cause I hate mondays,
and those survey's have pretty funny questions xD

So I will start today xD

sure ... why not xD
for a run and than at home ...

I dont know ...

dont have this here in germany ... so no 
how should I know about this? almost no ones tells that ...
single and happy ;)
yes :D sooo sweet ...
maybe ... I am not sure ... but I hope ...
hardest thing will be to find something to eat, porbably a plant, 
which is not venomed xD
since I dont eat meat, and wont kill an animal ...

my cousin ... but she tweeted me, does that count?
dont really have one, but if I am forced to choose one, it would be blue ... 
blue :D
New York City, baby ♥
sleep !!!
hang out with a good bud and drunk and played guitar hero and sing star 
and took pictures in the snow one a field ...
thats pretty boring right?! ;)
yes ... german and polish ... cause I am from germany and my family is from Poland ...
oh and I had Latin in school, though its not really a language you speak, but I can it xD 
6 -.-"
no ... never ever ... I love it, but most the landing, it so funny xD

funny!!! I dont like serious people, 'cause they always get me wrong -.-"
a necklace with a cross, and a ring ...

no ... bored ;)
June 11th

dont know, never thought of myself as a wife and mother ...
if it will happen it happens, but I dont plan this ...

What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?
Music and Painting!! 

If you could have one super power what would it be??
reading minds!!! 

yep ... thats it ;)


p.s. have a nice monday ;)

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  1. also babe oder baby hat mich auch noch niemand genannt xD is ja auchn bisschn kitshcig xD