About me

Crazy. Clumsy.
Sunshine. Sentimental
. Sweet.
Respectful. Bitchy.
Loud. Loudmouth
. Friendly.
Funny. Pensive
Trustworthy . Caring. Punctually. 
Warmhearted. Inquisitively . Annoying.
Smart. an Angel.
Talkative. Just Smiling.

Sidetracked. Tunnel Vision .
Always There For Someone.
Emotional. Lovely. 
Says What She Is Thinking.
. Easy Vulnerable .
. Dependably.
Beautiful Eyes. Loves To Debate.
. Dont Get Everything Right Away.

Short: Nicky


I am not stupid, sometimes I just say stupid stuff ...
dont need a reason to laugh ...
walking around while brusching my teeth or talk to someone over the telephone...
always saying "WHAT", even though I got it ...
Typing 2 + 8 in the calculator ...
pulling on doors, where "PUSH" stays...
have to call my cell to find it ... 

always saying "Ouch", even though it doesnt hurt ...
looking 15 times a day in the fridge. without eating something ...
'cause there could be something new in it ...

Laughing about every silly matter !!!


My Friends
. My Familie.
Nailpolish. Starbucks.
Bags. Music.
the lil Things in Life. Jewelry.
Spring. Shoes.
Autumn. Mascara.
London.  Partys.
Bars. Redbull.
Drawing. Photographs.
Brithdays. to Sleep Late.
New York. Poland.
Tequilla. Candles.
horror Movies. Red.
Shopping. My Eyes.
Thunder-Storms. Chucks.
Blue. Coconut.