Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sun, Colors and Happiness

Dear Spring,
I missed you sooo badly, 
thank you that you are back!

Yes, its Spring,
and I missed it,

On my way to work, yesterday,
I saw the first flowers,
I was so happy ...
and the sun is shining all the time ...
I feel much better and happier,
but I still miss something ...

I dont know what ...
I just know, that I wanna live in a happier place,
more colors, and stuff ...

those amazing pictures caught my eye

Cape Town, South Africa
Notting Hill, London
Montreal, Canada
Venice, Italy
those are 4 of the  most colorful places on earth...
it was in an article on huffington post...

I just had to share ...

if you wanna see the article ...

all the bright colors ...
its just amazing!!!

the sun is shining today ...
and its pretty warm,
well not lik warm warm,
but warmer than before xD

that means ...
I am happy :D

I hope you all will have a beautiful day,
full of sun and happiness!!!


1 comment:

  1. Die Bilder sind ja wunderschön :))) Und die Plätze auf jeden Fall eine Reise wert! liebe grüße Vanessa