Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday filler

the next behated Monday xD
Weekend was pretty fun, hope yours too ;)

its an A - Z Survey ...

hmmm ... guess it was my Brother this weekend xD

Corona, and of course Polish beer ... Tyskie and Reeds ;)

C - is for Coke or Pepsi?
definetely Coke ...

D - is for can you DANCE?
No, not really ... well atleast I am not sure ...
I feel always kinda stupid and like everyone would watch me xD
Paranoid ... I know xD

E - is for do you have your EARS pierced?
sure ...
every ear 3 times xD

F - is for Funny or Serious?
funny ;)

G - is for Going anywhere this weekend?
My uncles bday, and i hope thats it xD
brthdays in my familiy are some kind of exhausting xD

H - is for Hairspray or Gel?
Hairspray ...

I - is for Ice Cream or Cake?
Ice cream ... but the best one are with cookies or cake in it xD
Ben&Jerry is the best ;)

no, of course not!

K - is for Kiwi or Apple?
ewww I hate Kiwi's ... Aplles all the way!!

L - is for List 3 people that you will love forever!
ehm Mom, Day, Brother, Sister xD

M - is for Music or TV?
Music!! Cant go a day with music!

N - is for Nickname!
Nicky ... and some friends call me Nickerzzz xD
Dont really know why, think its because I love snickers 
and could eat them all day long xD

O - is for Outgoing or Shy?
I used to be shy ... I really was ...
but I kinda start to get over this habit ;)

P - is for the Place you most want to be?
Anyplayce where its warm xD ... I always wanted to go to Santorini xD
Thaiand would be great to ... or Bora Bora xD

Q - is for Quickly......the first word to come to mind?
Socks ...
'kay now I remember what I was looking for, before I started this xD

R - is for Rain or Snow?
I hate anything wet ....

S - is for Shoe Size!
6,5 or 7 ...

T - is for Texas, ever been?
No but I want to ...
One of my biggest wishes is a Road Trip across the U.S. ...

U - is for what is UNDER your bed?
nothing ... oh wait ... there is something ...
dust xD

V - is for what you did last VALENTINES day?
Nothing, I hate Valentines Day ...
I mean, its just something for our consumer society ....
to spend a lot of money for stupid stuff, on this one day!
And I think we dont need a "special" day to show our loved ones,
that we love them! We shoudl show it every day! 

W - is for do you drink a lot of WATER?
nope ... I should ... but I dont do it ...

sure ... pretty often xD

Y - is for the last person you YELLED at?
ehm ... my brother? ... well I am not sure ...

Z - is for have you ever watched ZORRO?
No, I think, atleast I cant remember I've ever watched it ...

yeahy ... finally done xD

thats it, for today!

Hope you all will have a great start in the new week!


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  1. tyskie is super leggaaaaaaaaaaaaa x.x
    aber nur aus der guten Dose :D