Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I am so fucking mad right now!

I bought a new telly not even 4 weeks ago ...
after two weeks it got broken
and the shop told me, they wont change it,
I have to talk to the producer
about a reparation ...

' kay that was the first thing that pissed me on!
I talked with this really nice guy from LG
and he said, that the shop should replace it ...
but if they wont do it,
they will repair it ...

That sounded pretty good,
and then they came last Monday and took the telly for the reparation ...
And I was happy, 'cause they did something!

So today my telly came back ...
and guess what?!
It still wont work!!!
I am so pissed right now!
My brother even had to call them to ask if they even fixed anything!

I mean,
I paid for the telly,
and it got broken after 2 weeks?!
That could I probably did not by myself!

And now the man from the reparation service told my brother
they fixed it and replaced a thing ...
so ... why does this still not work?!

Stupid fucking moron!!!
and he said we should just try another cable!
we did it, even though we knew it would still not work!
It still wont work!
Than this moron told us we should call LG again ...
but I am so mad, I cant call them
and talk in a normal even voice with them!
Totally not!

My brother called them,
and the woman said, they will come and take it again
for a reparation,
and when it still wont work after the 2. reparation,
the shop have to replace it with a new tv ...

Lets see when they will come and take it ...
and if it will work after this time!
For god's sake,
I hope so!
'cause I am even more pissed than before!


  1. oh man wie kacke is das denn -.-?
    sind die denn unfähig O.o?
    kauf dir n neues xD

  2. ja denke schon!
    den hab ich mir ja erst vor nicht mal 4 wochen neu geholt,
    und weil die so unfähig sind,
    werde ich mir doch net nochmal einen holen ...
    für was hat man den 2 jahre Garantie ...