Friday, March 25, 2011

Ohh my gosh ... thats awsome

Hey my Loveys ...

wow this week is flying by sooo fast!

A while ago thos awsome pictures from this Chinese artist and photographer 
caught my eye. 
He literally paints himself into his surroundings ...
and you can barely tell that there is a human in there. 
It is so awesome
I mean, I know those guys who paint themselves silver and stand still, 
but this is just so much more. 
I was always into Arts, and thats just fascinating.
I cant stop looking at those pictures!!
How panic would you be ... 
Imagine you're cruising down the soda aisle to grab a 
Sprite or Coke at the grocery store and then ...
BAM ...
thats not a Sprite ...
thats just a painting of it on a guys right shank.


I saw this on Kate Voegele's Blog and just had to share.

This artist should be a role model for everyone who wants to do somethnig different.,
who wants to show something with the magical power of Arts!
And he is definetely n inspiration for me!

 I wish you all an amazing weekend!!!



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  2. omg seine bilder sind ja mega geil x.x
    son STYLE hab ich ja noch nie gesehn :D