Friday, July 23, 2010

Holy Crap

Hey guys

yesterday was an annoying day,
and Im really happy its over ...
my brothers annoying friends were
at my place,
and they are really annoying
and loud ...

it rains last night ...
i was so happy ...
i was like
yeahy lets run out on the streets and dance and sing
in the rain

well the sun isnt shining today,
thats pretty shitty
but you feel much better
and your not sweeting the whole time
without doing anything ....

'kay today i wanted to tell you
something about my obsession

its of course .....


those are just a few of my nailpolish,
just what is on my table right now
made my nails again today ;)

'kay the thing is,
i dont really know why i am obsessed
with nailpolish!

now I'll use a quote:

"But you, your scent. Its like a drug to me.
Like my own personal brand of heroin."

i think nailpolish is like a drug to me.
Like Bella's scent for Edward.

Everyday its the same old story for me.
I wake up, drink some coffee,
give my cat something to eat
and than ....
I go and remove the nailpolish from the day before
and put new nailpolish on.

its routine.
i dont even think about it.
I just do it.
and put a new color on ...

well atleast its not such an expensive
obsession ... ;)

thats all for now,

Toodles X

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