Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hey Guys!

just woke up
drunk some coffee and made my nails,
same old story, you now ;)
its rutine ;)

but im sooo tired today ;)
had just maybe 6h of sleep
after an amyzing funny hilarious evening
with my lil cousin ;)

girls night ...
you know ...
talking about somebody,
listen to music,
dancing, sing
and a lot of
alcohol ...

ohhhh my cousin
was sooooo drunken ;)
i dont even know if she made it home
on her bike xD

but i wont post any pics of yesterday ...
we looked like crap xD

you know what?
i bought some new nailpolish ;)

i loooove those colors :D

gooosh ...
just realized, i have to work today ...
sooo thats it for now ...
maybe ill post tonight again,
i dont know ;)

Toodles X

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