Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday filler

Hey guys ...

how are yall doing?!
I know it was a long time,
but I am in my Dont-Want-2-Do-Anything mood again -.-"
sorry ...
I hope I will get out of this ASAP ...

its monday again ...
so its time for the next survey ;)

would you consider you a flirt?
nop ...

what are your siblings middle names?
my sister is Małgorzata and my brothers is Piołr xD

what's a song that puts you in the mood to dance or party?
Tonight - Enrique Iglesias ft Ludacris,
I got a feeling - Black Eyed Peas

where are you going on your next vacation?
Greece :) cant wait :D

you have to buy the perfect shirt to wear tonight, where do you go?
to the mall?!

how many calendars are in your house?
2 ... I think ... I am not sure xD

who is the last person that made you laugh in person?
ehm my brother ...

in person, over the phone or internet?
in person ...

do you miss high school?
yes ...

what color is your bra?
grey and pink ...

how many pairs of sneakers do you own?
a loooooot ...

what kind of lotion is closest to you?
for hands ...

whats on tv this second?
Gilmore Girls ;)

what color shirt did your mom wear today?
I dont know, she is on vacations ...

last time you saw your dad?
2 days ago ...

how often do you do laundry?
my mom is always doing this ...
sooo not often xD

have you ever copied someone's tests?
ehm no not really ...

whats annoying you right now?
the fact that I am bored xD

what did you eat for dinner tonight?
its 10am ... not time for dinner xD

how many rings do you wear daily?
2 ...

any tattoos?
no :( but I want one sooo badly ...

favorite summer cocktail?
Tequila Sunrise or a Caipi

last book you bought?
not sure ... think it was breaking dawn ...

plans for today/tonight?
nop ...

plans for the weekend?
nop ...

Any current scabs or bruises?
yes bruises ... but dont know how I got them ...
I am a pretty clumsy human being xD

Hope you all will have a great day!!


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  1. ich bin momentan auch totaaaaaaaaaal unmotiviert x.x woran mag das liegen? wetter is einfach zu geil :D