Thursday, February 17, 2011


TWLOHA is an american non-profit organization which aims to present hope for people struggling with addiction, depression, self injury, and thoughts of suicide.

TWLOHA means To Write Love on Her Arms ...
which I think is a really fancy name.

TWLOHA tries to connect people to treatment centers, websites, books, support groups, and other resources.
And a really important thing TWLOHA tries is to do is to encourage people to have honest conversations about these issues, to live in community.
'Cause thats the most important part!
Everyone knows its hard to talk about problems,
and if its one of those, its even harder.

A large portion of the work is dedicated to bridging the gap between traditional treatment ( rehab, counseling, ... ) and the lives of people who need help. 
This include music festivals and tours, social networking sites, and schools and universities, just as an example.

Not alot people know about TWLOHA ...
thats why I am posting about this.

You guys may wonder why I really care about such a thing,
well I never had such problems, like depressions or self-injury ...
But there are so many teenage kids who think cutting is cool,
and think its a lifestyle ...
but its NOT!
Hurting yourself or maybe thinking about suicide is never a good way!
And no one should consider this!

I know some people who hurt themselves,
just beacuse of their problems and that they thought they couldnt talk with anyone.
A good friend of mine did it
and always thought we wouldnt notice.
She tried to hide her arms with bandages or she pulled just one sleeve of her sweater up ...
we always talked to her,
when I was allone with her,
I talked alot about this,
but when someone is hurting themselves, with cutting or co ...
I think you shouldnt over talk this,
for the most people its just important that they know someone is there,
what ever happens.
But thats one of the "lil" problems ...

Thinking of suicide or depressions are problems,
and many  situation self injury too
no friend could help to conquer ...
than you need held, real help.
I personally dont know anyone who thought about suicide or had depressions,
but friends of mine do.
And when its to late, they always think that they may could helped.
But I think they couldnt.
Of course its important for those, that someone is there.
But no one would say they think about suicide.
Or would you?

All that,
is why I care about this.
Why I think TWLOHA is an amazing organization.
an important.
Cause they try to help.

If you want to know more about TWLOHA ....
click the link :
'kay ...
thats all about this!
Maybe some one will take a look at the site ...


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