Sunday, February 20, 2011

20. Day

20 – A band/artist not many people know of, but you think should.


a lot of people in Germany never heard of her ....
i think the only one who heard from her here,
are OneTree Hill fans ...
I first heard of her after I saw her in OneTree Hill the first time, 
and when she sang the first time in it,
I was so ... wow ...
Kate is known as Mia Catalano in this fanbase ...
she plays this young talented musician in OneTree Hill
Who she is in real life as well!!!

I think you can "put" her in the Singer/Songwriter category.
She is extremly talented an beautiful.

If you wanna listen to some songs of her:
here are my fav:

Soooo ....
what do you think??
Amazing or what???

here are 2 links ...


So I hope you all had a great weekend,
I had,
friday I was out and had some cocktails
and yesterday I was at a cousins birthday ;)
and came home at 5am today ...
I dont know why, but I am a mess today ...
thats why, 
this is all for today,
cause I am really not in the mood to sit on my computer ...

Hope you all will have or had a great Sunday!



  1. kannte die dame vorher auch nich xD
    du hast wenigstens in letzter zeit was erlebt ^^
    ich nich <.< grummel

  2. dafpr liege ich seit ich heute iwann um halb 11 aufgewacht bin nur im bett und mach nix xD
    kp wieso, aber ich bin den ganzen Tag müde -.-"