Saturday, February 26, 2011

26. Day

26 – A celebrity you don’t like, and why.

Perez Hilton
Always was, always will be.

I think he is the one, I dislike the most.

He and his stupid website.
He is judging about so many celebrities,
he criticizes them and is just making them bad,
without caring about anything.

I mean,
there are soo many websites out there on which they post about celebrities
but no one is so mean.
And he is not even clinical ...
the ones who he love, like GaGa
would never read one single bad word about themselves ...
He always overpraises them ...
But the many many other, he dislike,
will never, what ever they do, if its helping in a good Cause or something,
they just wont read something good about themselves ...

And I think,
no one has the right to judge about someone, like he is doing ...
AND ...
actually he should be the one everyone is judging about what he is doing ....
and before he is saying someone looks ugly or something,
he should probably look in a mirror first!!!

See what I mean?! ...
so I think, 
he should just shut up,
and get where he came from!
We wont miss him!!!


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